Presets Available

Hello wonderful followers, If you like my ‘hue’ filters on Instagram, you are now able to buy my presets from Filter Grade. I have also started creating a new set of filters, I’m sure you can see by my Instagram gallery that the tone has changed slightly! Keep an eye, they’ll be launching soon! These … More Presets Available

Pompano Beach Club

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re planning a trip to Bermuda, or just interested in reading about my experience. Enjoy! x This unique and charming hotel is set against one of the most beautiful back … More Pompano Beach Club

Cuba – Havana

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re traveling to Havana alone, with friends, or just interested in what this wonderful country has to offer. Enjoy! x Havana is electric, alive and beyond colorful. It felt like … More Cuba – Havana

New York

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first trip to New York. Having never visited America before, I thought this was the ideal place to begin with – especially as it’s 2 hours from Bermuda. Although my trip was only 3 days long, I tried to experience as many tourist activities as possible! Fortunately, I … More New York

Moved to Bermuda

Howdi! Apologies for the lack of posts over the last 4 months, but life was a slight whirlwind when I got back from traveling. Due to fortunate circumstances, work has meant a sudden move to Bermuda. So here I am… currently pinching myself daily as I’m coming to terms with living in PARAAADISE! Over the … More Moved to Bermuda

Bali – Ubud

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been swept away by the beauty of Perth and haven’t got around to sitting at a computer! Anyway, last week, I traveled to Ubud to meet my mum (who was en route to Australia) for five days of relaxing and sightseeing. I’m very close to my mum … More Bali – Ubud

Travel packing tips

  Everyone told me to bring the ‘bare essentials’ travelling. That is easier said than done, and deciphering from my wonderful wardrobe was hard work. I automatically regretted bringing anything remotely nice/expensive with me, because within a week my clothes were destroyed. Note: In my opinion, no one in Southeast Asia can do laundry! A girlfriend … More Travel packing tips


India has always been on my bucket list, and although everyone thought I was mad, I knew the perfect place for me to start my travels would be there. I realised, when planning my trip that although I wanted to experience ‘alone time’ – I didn’t want to be totally alone. So decided to use … More India