Travel packing tips


IMG_1565.jpgEveryone told me to bring the ‘bare essentials’ travelling. That is easier said than done, and deciphering from my wonderful wardrobe was hard work. I automatically regretted bringing anything remotely nice/expensive with me, because within a week my clothes were destroyed.

Note: In my opinion, no one in Southeast Asia can do laundry!

A girlfriend recommended I buy ‘packing cubes’ from eagle creek – which have been a total lifesaver. Gone are the days of stuffing and rolling your clothes into a backpack – now you can have individual cubes to fold your clothes neatly into.

They are costly, but worth every penny. Wherever I go in the world, these babies are coming with me!


The other things I recommend buying from this store are:

Toiletry bag:
When you’re staying in a cheap hostel, this bag is perfect – hang it on the back of the bathroom door or in shower cubicle and voila, doesn’t have to touch the dirty floor.


Money belt AKA – fanny pack:
I used this all the time in India and throughout Southeast Asia, they are a must to the packing list.


It obviously depends on where you decide to venture, but if you’re backpacking – then take a minimal amount of clothes, it gives you the freedom to buy! I have created a little list of essentials that have pleased me no end.

My key essentials:

  • Packing cubes
  • Hanging toiletry bag
  • Medicines – Imodium, rehydration sachets, blister plasters, motion sickness tablets, pepto bismal tablets, pain relief tablets, probiotics
  • Eye maskbuy 2 …just incase (they’re vital in hostels)
  • Ear plugsbuy a few good pairs, they’re worth every penny
  • Kindle 
  • A good pair of headphones – sound cancelling ones are a dream
  • Mosquito net
  • Money belt
  • Sleeping bag liner – I’ve slept in this more times than you can imagine
  • Travel Adapters buy 2 or 3 of these, they either get stolen or you inevitably leave them somewhere
  • Water & shock proof camera
  • A mini USB external hard drive to save photos onto 
  • Remote battery charger for iPhonethis saves you on long journey
  • Phone cables Somehow I’ve gone through 5 iPhone leads over the last 3 months 
  • Hammam (turkish towel)they dry quickly, don’t stink and are also pretty to look at
  • Pen knifewith a knife you can eat mangoes for breakfast on the beach 
  • Padlocks – buy 2/3, they are incredibly handy

I dont recommend:

  • Quick drying bath towel. They don’t dry quickly and when they do finally dry, they stink!
  • I brought too many cosmetics with me, massive error. They’re heavy, and they leak – you can pretty much buy shampoo and conditioner anywhere. Just avoid the cosmetics with skin whitening inside.

Check the hostel or hotel room before leaving, I have left endless things behind due to being in a rush. Make time to triple check the room.

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