Short Trip to Amsterdam

‘Hallo’ (as they say in the Netherlands) – thank you for stopping by!

So, I just wanted to fill you in on my short trip to Amsterdam. WOWSERS – I’m in love with this place. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and everyone is SO happy and ‘high’, (I was not the latter) ha!

With the cobbled streets, canals, big tall houses, boats, bicycles EVERYWHERE and all the smiley faces around – it’s the perfect place for a quick fly by visit. I should have made time to stay longer; I can actually envisage myself living in a little canal house with my boat mored up outside, my bicycle parked on the street with a bunch of Peonies inside the basket – umm… heaven!

8 things to do in Amsterdam:

  • Get lost amongst the canal streets – don’t take a map, just wander! I found the most unbelievable houses and canals, just by getting lost, VERY lost!
  • Rent a bicycle with a little basket (has to be done)
  • If you want a piece of history, visit the Anne Frank museum (bring some tissues).
  • Soak up some culture in Museumplein – FYI tourist heaven
  • Visit the Van Gogh museum and wander amongst the most wonderful art
  • Take a canal cruise, or hop onto a boat with an open bar. Actually the latter option is  much better and isn’t covered in a bubble.
  • Eat Stroopwafels, or Gaffers de Liege – they’re INCREDIBLE. Visit a place called Crepes & Waffles, not to be missed.
  • Get the metro train to Central station to have a meander around the shops and streets, taking in everyones relaxed energy.

Don’t forget to bring a camera, the streets and canals are too photogenic to miss. I was a full on tourist with my camera – but who really cares.



So, now I head to Thailand from Amsterdam – two polar opposite places, the other side of the world from one another! Will be back soon 🙂

Jess x

The Wondering Dreamer


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