Wanderlust Presets

BUY NOW Each presets works well with greens, blues, sunsets, and give a unique timeless vibe to your images. Please remember that all presets work differently on each images, as the composition will be different (light etc). You will most likely need to slightly tweak the edit after the preset is applied. Bring your photos alive with that Wanderlust feel. … More Wanderlust Presets

Presets Available

Hello wonderful followers, If you like my ‘hue’ filters on Instagram, you are now able to buy my presets from Filter Grade. I have also started creating a new set of filters, I’m sure you can see by my Instagram gallery that the tone has changed slightly! Keep an eye, they’ll be launching soon! These … More Presets Available

Pompano Beach Club

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re planning a trip to Bermuda, or just interested in reading about my experience. Enjoy! x This unique and charming hotel is set against one of the most beautiful back … More Pompano Beach Club

Cuba – Havana

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re traveling to Havana alone, with friends, or just interested in what this wonderful country has to offer. Enjoy! x Havana is electric, alive and beyond colorful. It felt like … More Cuba – Havana

New York

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first trip to New York. Having never visited America before, I thought this was the ideal place to begin with – especially as it’s 2 hours from Bermuda. Although my trip was only 3 days long, I tried to experience as many tourist activities as possible! Fortunately, I … More New York

Moved to Bermuda

Howdi! Apologies for the lack of posts over the last 4 months, but life was a slight whirlwind when I got back from traveling. Due to fortunate circumstances, work has meant a sudden move to Bermuda. So here I am… currently pinching myself daily as I’m coming to terms with living in PARAAADISE! Over the … More Moved to Bermuda

Bali – Ubud

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been swept away by the beauty of Perth and haven’t got around to sitting at a computer! Anyway, last week, I traveled to Ubud to meet my mum (who was en route to Australia) for five days of relaxing and sightseeing. I’m very close to my mum … More Bali – Ubud

Travel packing tips

  Everyone told me to bring the ‘bare essentials’ travelling. That is easier said than done, and deciphering from my wonderful wardrobe was hard work. I automatically regretted bringing anything remotely nice/expensive with me, because within a week my clothes were destroyed. Note: In my opinion, no one in Southeast Asia can do laundry! A girlfriend … More Travel packing tips


India has always been on my bucket list, and although everyone thought I was mad, I knew the perfect place for me to start my travels would be there. I realised, when planning my trip that although I wanted to experience ‘alone time’ – I didn’t want to be totally alone. So decided to use … More India